Chocolate Truffles

18 Dec


1 packet Marie biscuits crushed (or sweet biscuit)

1 can condensed milk

1 cup coconut (shredded or desiccated), plus extra to roll truffles in

1 & 1/2 tablespoons of cocoa


Mix all dry ingredients together in a large bowl. Add milk.

Mix together with wet hands.

Roll mixture into balls and then cover with extra coconut.

Refrigerate until set.

Make approx. 30



13 Dec

I Love This!

For my daughter’s 10th birthday last month, I wanted to get her something special.

I decided to make an album of her past nine birthday parties and the day she was born. I am not a’ scrapbooker’ so that wasn’t an option  for me. I looked at some printed books in photo stores but they were pretty pricey and I didn’t have all that time to sit in a store and compile the book.

I found a great website that allowed me to compile the book, choose the pages, layout, colour etc all from home. The website is At the time I received 30% off the book and was able to produce a large 28 page glossy album, delivered for $40.

Snapfish often have great specials and at the moment they have 50% off all products.

They not only have books but also calendars, mugs, key rings, stubbie holders, school tags snow globes and it goes on and on.

*Please Note – I am not paid, nor given products to promote. I only recommend products I buy, use and love.

Marbled Ice Cream Cake

1 Dec

This is a super-easy and super yummy cake to make. You can vary the recipe depending on what your favourite ice cream flavour is and decorate with melted chocolate and your favourite lolly instead.


2 litre tub Neapolitan ice cream

300 ml thickened cream

2 tablespoons icing sugar

1 drop red food dye

1 cake tin – heart shape or any other shape you like. Should be not too deep.


Take ice cream out of the freezer. Stand about 10 minutes or until just soft enough to remove from container. Spoon ice cream into cake tin until it comes up to the rim. Cover with plastic wrap (tight) and place into the freezer overnight.

Next day: beat cream, icing sugar and food dye until thick. Take ice cream tin out of freezer and stand it in 3cm of hot water – count to five, this will help the ice cream melt a little and come out of the tine easier. Invert tin upside down on serving plate. You may need to use a sharp knife to go around the edge if it does not come out.

Decorate ice cream cake with cream. You may need to return cake to the freezer as needed if it is melting. Add smarties. Return cake on serving plate, uncovered, into the freezer for a further 30 mins to set.

Serve and enjoy!




D-I-Y Placemats

30 Nov

For the majority of birthday party themes, it is pretty easy to buy matching merchandise.

However, why not make the party more fun for children, especially between the ages of 1-8?

It is very easy to print out a free colouring – in page found online and have the children colour in their own placemat for the party.

There are many websites that offer free-colouring in pages and this is just one of them:

There are over 3,000 colouring in pages for you to print out and they are categorised in Animals/Cartoons & Characters/Disney/Family/Fantasy/Misc.

Do It Yourself Placemats

  1. Print out the character/theme you want.
  2. At the beginning of the party make a craft table with colouring sheets, textas, crayons, glitter glue, water-colour paint.
  3. Have children colour or paint the picture and then add their name to it.
  4. Hire or buy an at-home laminator (these are not expensive)
  5. Laminate the placemats
  6. Set them out on the party table
  7. Children can then use them at the party and take them home as a thank you.

“My Birthday Party: Awesome Children’s Birthday Parties” eBook Available Now!

27 Nov

I am so pleased to bring you 13 comprehensive party themes in my new eBook:

“My Birthday Party: Awesome Children’s Birthday Parties”.

I have compiled this guide to make it easier for you to put on a memorable birthday party for your child. You can order the book for just $5.95 and have a digital copy emailed to you as well as the option of printing it out.

If you would like a preview then click here: My Birthday Party eBook Preview

Or if you would like to order then you can do so by clicking on the link on the side bar.

I have written a brief description of all birthday parties in the ‘Awesome Birthday Parties’ section above.

Happy Birthday!


Top 5 Presents for Tweens!

26 Nov

I recently read a list of top seven presents to buy Tweens*. The list was from the U.S. and while I agreed with some things, I thought being the Mother of two Tweens, I was slightly more qualified to make up a list of my own.

They are a hard breed to buy for.

No longer interested in toys, what does one buy a tween? Here is my list:

Top 5 Presents for Tweens 

1.  Electronics. iPods, iPads, MP3 players, CD player, Portable DVD & even a mobile phone are all popular among the Tweens. Super tech-savvy they are often showing Gen-Xers ‘how-to’ use these devices. I recently gave my 10 year old daughter my old iPhone much to the debate of many of my friends. I felt that now she was walking to and from school, she was safer carrying a phone in case something goes wrong. It is on a pre-paid plan, has parental restrictions on it and she is very responsible when using it. 

2. Gift Vouchers. My daughter recently confessed to me that for Christmas she would love a whole lot of store vouchers to go on a shopping spree. While I lament the fact she is no longer interested in toys, I though it was a fair request. My son would love a voucher to buy ALL the toys in ‘Toys ‘R Us’! Store vouchers are readily available to buy from supermarkets, petrol stations, post offices and the store itself. However, I recently discovered the VISA Pre -Paid card. This is a card which costs $5.95 to activate and then has a price limit of $50 or $100. You can top the card up at post offices, which I think is ideal for giving out pocket-money.

3. Magazine Subscription. Total Girl & K-Zone are a must in our house every month. Often, I find they are sold out in the supermarket, particularly when there is a special giveaway attached. A magazine subscription takes the hassle out of finding & buying the magazine. It also makes the child receiving it feel special as it comes in the mail addressed to them.  

4. Perfume & Jewellery. Diva has to be THE most popular store amongst the Tweens. The best thing about Diva is the prices, and more often than not, they are having a clearance sale. Diva also sell great little gift boxes found at the counter for small items of jewellery to ensure they don’t get lost and look special. Perfume is also a hit, with brands like Hannah Montana, Disney, Britney, Harajuku all aimed at the Tween market and all reasonably priced between $20-$30.

5. Books. With many Tweens being prolific reader’s of books, why not buy them something from a popular series they like reading? My Tween experts tell me Monster High, Billy B. Brown, A Series of Unfortunate Events and Alice Miranda are all considered cool series.  Otherwise, you could buy a junior recipe book or craft book.

* (Note: a Tween is generally referred to as a child between the ages of 7-12).

Chang’s Chocolate Spiders

26 Nov


1 packet Chang’s Crispy Noodles

2 tablespoons crunchy peanut butter

200g cooking chocolate (milk or dark)


Melt chocolate and peanut butter in a microwave proof bowl in the microwave on high for 1 min or until melted. Stir to combine. Stir in packet of crispy noodles. Pile spoonfuls of mixture on to baking paper and place in the refrigerator for 10 minutes or until set.

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