My Birthday Party


This site is for anyone who loves to hold memorable birthday parties for their children, without the stress.

At My Birthday Party, I have an eBook available to order which is a step-by-step guide to putting on a great birthday party for your child. Each Party Theme comes with a comprehensive how-to guide for running the party, complete with a difficulty ‘cupcake’ rating from 1-5 for each party – 1 cupcake means it’s easy peasy, where 5 cupcakes means it’s not for the faint hearted. Some examples of these guides are here for you to use free of charge. The eBook can be ordered for a very small fee of $5.95.

For the latest information on new birthday party ideas and recommendations head to the Cupcakes page where I publish the weekly newsletter of all things party.

I have also provided some great Recipes for party food, drinks and invitations & craft projects.

To save you time there is a comprehensive list to party supplies in ‘Let’s Go Shopping’.

There are some great Invitation templates that you can print out and use for your own fabulous party.

Finally, if you know what sort of party you want or see an idea you like but don’t want to organise it yourself, you can Hire ‘The Party Planner’ to organise the party for you.

Comments, emails & feedback are always welcome as this is a site to help you provide the birthday party you want for your child.

Remember children’s birthday parties can be simple, fun and easy!


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