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Cupcakes #2

20 Apr

Well, it that time of the week again where I share with you all my weekly discoveries for parties. I had a really busy week this week which reminded me of two things when preparing for a party: 1. baking for a party often takes up a lot of time that many people don’t have; and 2. baking from scratch, although often tastier can be really expensive, and use up a lot of the budget, which means less time for other party necessities.

So this week’s challenge was to find yummy cakes and sweets that were quick to make and low on cost.

The White Wings “Choc on Choc” cake was quick & very easy to make. This week it was on special for $4. Apart from the packet mix itself, I only needed to add 1 egg and water. I really like this cake because, unlike other moist packet cakes, there was no oil or butter added. The cake comes with cake mix and icing mix. It took less than 5 minutes to mix and I baked it for 45mins. I sprinkled a Flake chocolate bar on top and served it up to my 8 year old son and his mate on a play date after school. They said it was delicious and washed it down with some “Incredible Hulk”  drinks (lime cordial & sparkling mineral water).

Whilst doing my weekly grocery shopping I came across a Coles supermarket brand of mini cupcakes. Priced at $3.99, I couldn’t resist giving it a go.

 Today I decided to bake the Mini Chocolate Drop Cupcakes. The packet comes with the cake mix, icing mix, 12 cupcake wrappers and choc rainbow drops. I needed to add milk, butter and an egg. This recipe was super easy and I didn’t even need to use the electric beaters (so it cut down on washing up!). The cupcakes took 15 mins to bake and the icing took less than a minute to make. I was really happy that there was a lot of icing for each cupcake as often I find packet mixes skimp on this. The packet made 12 cupcakes, and the taste testers (my two children) thought they were super yummy, particularly the chocolate rainbow drops.


Another quick, easy & cheap party dessert to make are the Chocolate Cherry Mousse Cups. There are only three ingredients used in this recipe and the result looks spectacular and is super delicious. They may be more suited to an older birthday party but my 10 year old daughter thinks they are the bomb. You can find the recipe on this site by clicking here.

I have done a lot of ‘window shopping’ this week and have found some fantastic party accessories. The first one looks like a lot of fun to add to any boy’s (or girl’s) party table. It’s called “Captain Ketchup” and is a funl way to serve sauce, in the form of a space gun. It is $11.99 at House.

Another great discovery was the Robert Gordon party range. I purchased the Le Petite Cupcake stand (pack of 6 for 4.95) and the Little Circus Cupcake Flags (pack of 24 for 4.95). I have a great local store called Lavish that sell delightful party accessories including the full range of Robert Gordon.

Do you remember scratch and sniff stickers? I bought these adorable scratch and sniff ice cream flavour stickers (also from Lavish at $1.95 per pack). Strawberry, Vanilla and Choc Mint are three of my favourite ice cream flavours from childhood and bring back lovely memories every time I smell them.


As a special treat I am giving away three packets this week! Simply tell me your favourite ice cream flavour and the first person who matches my daughter’s favourite ice cream flavour wins! Leave your entry in the comments section on my Facebook page which can be found here:

So that’s a wrap for this week. As always, I would like to point out I am not paid by any company to endorse products and only ever review or recommend products I have used myself. Until next time, I encourage you to look around the website, buy the ebook and enjoy collecting lots of ideas for your next party.



“Cupcakes” #1

13 Apr

Hi and welcome to my very first edition of My Birthday Party’s newsletter entitled Cupcakes.

Each Friday I will share everything I have discovered during my week on all things party.

This week has seen one of the biggest chocolate parties of all -Easter. I don’t know about you, but this year I ‘downscaled’ my children’s Easter booty and gave them an Easter bag from the ‘Easter Mummy’ as I discovered they no longer believe in that scariest of scary’s – the evil Easter Bunny. Speaking of which, here is a link to some evil-looking Easter Bunnies and their unsuspecting victims… “Funny Easter Pictures: Kids v The Easter Bunny”.

Here is a preview of one of the weirdest, scariest, Easter bunnies I’ve seen:

Oreo is celebrating their 100th anniversary this year and have published some yummy-kid-friendly-sugar-high-birthday-party-only food (phew, what a mouthful!). Here is one recipe that I am going to be trying in the coming weeks: it’s called Oreo Party on a Stick and you can find the recipe here.

One of my all-time favourite stationary stores, kikki-k, has a fabulous offer leading up to Mother’s Day. Just spend $50 in store and receive a $20 gift voucher free! They have a lovely new range called ‘Organisk’ as well as a ‘Breakfast In Bed Kit’ for Mother’s Day for $14.95. I know how much my daughter enjoys making me brekky in bed on this day so I am going to find a ‘secret agent’ to slip her the pack without me knowing! Head to kikki-k to take up the $20 voucher here and check out the Breakfast In Bet Kit here.

A new feature of My Birthday Party is the ‘Happy Birthday’ Page. If you would like to feature a loved one’s birthday with a special greeting and photo, you can now do it on this very website! All you have to do is email a photo, their birthdate to and I will feature their photo (and age if you wish) as the front page of this website on their birthday.

If you are looking for some great cupcake decorating ideas, then I highly recommend you head over to Cupcake City on Facebook and ‘like’ their page. They have fantastic range of cupcake stands, wrappers and decorations for you to buy. However, the real bonus is once you’ve ‘liked’ their page you can download a copy of cupcake icing recipes for free!  “The Only 7 Cupcake Icing Recipes You’ll Ever Need” & Cupcake City can be found be clicking here.

Here is a picture from their Princess Themed Party range available for $9.95 (set of 12).

FINALLY… as a celebration of the first “Cupcakes” newsletter, I am giving away 20 copies of my ebook: “My Birthday Party: Awesome Children’s Birthday Parties” absolutely free! If you would like a copy of this comprehensive guide which includes step-by-step instructions on over 15 themed children’s parties, then simply follow me on Facebook! The first 20 likes will receive a copy. Already like the Facebook page? Anyone who refers a friend will also receive a copy (max. 20 copies in total).  To find my Facebook page then simply click here.

So that’s a wrap up of all things party for this first “Cupcakes” newsletter. As always, I will point out that I am not paid to endorse products and only ever recommend things I have tried myself. I appreciate your feedback, so feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.

Until next time,


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