Cupcakes #3

29 Apr

Hi again!

This week I found myself doing the grocery shopping child free and so I was able to roam the aisles without trying to break a land speed record! Always looking for inspiration, I was in the dessert aisle and saw that Aeroplane Jelly was on sale for 89 cents a packet. Jelly is a childhood favourite and one I often forget about. Like most people, I probably had a packet or two in the pantry but as it needs to be prepared hours in advance, I find it too late.

So I purchased a few different flavours: Bubblegum; Blue Heaven; Create-a-Jelly, and; the new Wobble.

I first used five packets to create my Bubblegum Jelly Castle.

Admittedly I had to make this twice. The first time, I broke the rules of releasing jelly from the mould, and forgot to soak the mould in warm water to release the sides. Much to my children’s delight, I tried again, and not only was it a success, but we had dessert covered for the whole week.

I then tried the new ‘Wobble’ jelly. It is prepared with hot water and milk. The taste was delicious and reminded me of the ‘Snack pacs’ I used to eat as a child in the ’80’s. I found a beautiful rose mould for $5.95 in Wheel & Barrow and made this Strawberry Jelly Rose.

I then used some cupcake packets I had sitting in the pantry to make these Jelly Cupcakes.

I used Blue Heaven flavour and the new Create-a-Jelly where you can add ANY drink you like to the Jelly – the possibilities are endless!

Browsing the Aeroplane Jelly website on a quest to find more flavours I discovered this great Party Checklist as well as many recipes to make for kids parties using jelly.

If your 8-year-old child is anything like mine then the latest craze for party themes is the Angry Birds. With the latest release of Angry Birds Space, the momentum continues.

I found this great step-by-step guide to making Angry Birds cupcakes on this blog Life Without Pink. They really look amazing and I will be trying them myself shortly.

I also discovered my friend’s Mum, Jane, made this spectacular Angry Birds cake for her 4 year old. Everything on this cake was edible (except the base!).

As an Angry Birds Follower on Twitter I came across this amazing picture of a pizza:

Looking for pyjama’s at Peter Alexander, I ended up walking away with a super cute love heart frypan for one ($4.95). My daughter had a friend here for a sleepover so I made them loveheart pikelets with strawberry jam for afternoon tea. You can find the recipe on my Food Page here.


As always, I would like to point out I am not paid by any company to endorse products and only ever review or recommend products I have used myself.

Next week I am hoping to share with you some easy gluten-free recipes and some places to find unique party products. Until then, please check out the other pages of my website if you haven’t already and feel free to leave any comments or suggestions – maybe even a recipe you’ve found and would like me to try!



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