D-I-Y Placemats

30 Nov

For the majority of birthday party themes, it is pretty easy to buy matching merchandise.

However, why not make the party more fun for children, especially between the ages of 1-8?

It is very easy to print out a free colouring – in page found online and have the children colour in their own placemat for the party.

There are many websites that offer free-colouring in pages and this is just one of them:


There are over 3,000 colouring in pages for you to print out and they are categorised in Animals/Cartoons & Characters/Disney/Family/Fantasy/Misc.

Do It Yourself Placemats

  1. Print out the character/theme you want.
  2. At the beginning of the party make a craft table with colouring sheets, textas, crayons, glitter glue, water-colour paint.
  3. Have children colour or paint the picture and then add their name to it.
  4. Hire or buy an at-home laminator (these are not expensive)
  5. Laminate the placemats
  6. Set them out on the party table
  7. Children can then use them at the party and take them home as a thank you.

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