Top 5 Presents for Tweens!

26 Nov

I recently read a list of top seven presents to buy Tweens*. The list was from the U.S. and while I agreed with some things, I thought being the Mother of two Tweens, I was slightly more qualified to make up a list of my own.

They are a hard breed to buy for.

No longer interested in toys, what does one buy a tween? Here is my list:

Top 5 Presents for Tweens 

1.  Electronics. iPods, iPads, MP3 players, CD player, Portable DVD & even a mobile phone are all popular among the Tweens. Super tech-savvy they are often showing Gen-Xers ‘how-to’ use these devices. I recently gave my 10 year old daughter my old iPhone much to the debate of many of my friends. I felt that now she was walking to and from school, she was safer carrying a phone in case something goes wrong. It is on a pre-paid plan, has parental restrictions on it and she is very responsible when using it. 

2. Gift Vouchers. My daughter recently confessed to me that for Christmas she would love a whole lot of store vouchers to go on a shopping spree. While I lament the fact she is no longer interested in toys, I though it was a fair request. My son would love a voucher to buy ALL the toys in ‘Toys ‘R Us’! Store vouchers are readily available to buy from supermarkets, petrol stations, post offices and the store itself. However, I recently discovered the VISA Pre -Paid card. This is a card which costs $5.95 to activate and then has a price limit of $50 or $100. You can top the card up at post offices, which I think is ideal for giving out pocket-money.

3. Magazine Subscription. Total Girl & K-Zone are a must in our house every month. Often, I find they are sold out in the supermarket, particularly when there is a special giveaway attached. A magazine subscription takes the hassle out of finding & buying the magazine. It also makes the child receiving it feel special as it comes in the mail addressed to them.  

4. Perfume & Jewellery. Diva has to be THE most popular store amongst the Tweens. The best thing about Diva is the prices, and more often than not, they are having a clearance sale. Diva also sell great little gift boxes found at the counter for small items of jewellery to ensure they don’t get lost and look special. Perfume is also a hit, with brands like Hannah Montana, Disney, Britney, Harajuku all aimed at the Tween market and all reasonably priced between $20-$30.

5. Books. With many Tweens being prolific reader’s of books, why not buy them something from a popular series they like reading? My Tween experts tell me Monster High, Billy B. Brown, A Series of Unfortunate Events and Alice Miranda are all considered cool series.  Otherwise, you could buy a junior recipe book or craft book.

* (Note: a Tween is generally referred to as a child between the ages of 7-12).


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