Perfect Pig Pinata

19 Nov

A step by step guide to making your own pig pinata – good for an animal or zoo party. It’s easy to make other animal shapes by just making a different base shape.

You should start making the pinata at least four weeks before your party to allow drying time.




12 egg carton (empty)

Masking tape

Newspapers (many)

Red & white craft paint

String (twine)

1 pink pipe cleaner curled into a pig tail

Plain Flour

Warm water

1 Large bottle of  PVA glue

(Paper Mache glue can be purchased at craft stores instead of using flour and water but it is very $$$)


  1. In a large plastic container mix 3 cups plain flour with warm water & some PVA glue until you have a glue like consistency. Add more flour/water as necessary. Let cool to room temperature.
  2. Blow up balloon & tie.
  3. Cut out 6 egg cups and attach 4 to the balloon for the pig’s feet, 1 to the tied end of the balloon for the snout. Cut the remaining egg cup in half and attach to the top for ears.
  4. Place balloon/pig on empty ice cream container.
  5. Cut up newspapers into strips (vertically not horizontally, otherwise the strips will be too long).
  6. Drag strips through glue and cover pig shape as smothly as possible. Only do one coat.
  7. Let first coat dry completely before you start second coat. Try and make the newspaper as smooth as possible to keep the pig shape. Repeat until you have six coats*. Leftover glue should be stored at room temperature with a lid on it. You will need to make more glue as you go.*After the 4th coat attach string to the top of the pig leaving it long enough to hang up.
  8. When pig is dry, cut a square out of the bottom, leaving one side attached e.g. only cut three sides of the square.
  9. Fill pig with the pinata lollies and prizes before taping the square shut.
  10. Attach pipe cleaner to back of pig for the tail.
  11. Paint pig pink by mixing red & white paint.


Find a clothesline or suitable place to hang the pig. Use a long stick to hit the pinata (a bought pinata stick is best as they work best with this style of pinata).

Blindfold older children and let them have a hit of the pig before passing the stick to the next child. Younger children won’t need blindfolds however they will need plenty of guidance!

Sit back and enjoy watching the children’s excitement build before the pig bursts through with lollies and prizes.




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