The Pool Party

16 Nov


A pool party is loads of fun for boys and girls. Minimum age for a pool party should be 7+ however you should ensure all children attending are compentent swimmers. If you are having your pool party at home you should ensure at least one adult is present and is always watching. Of course, children love it when adults jump in the pool with them!

Party Length:

2 hours.

Number of children:

4 – 8 children

Degree of Difficulty:

1 cupcake


  • I guess the most obvious activity is the pool! If you have a pool, great. If you don’t and don’t want to pay the $ for a venue then maybe you have a friend who is willing to let you hold the party at their house.
  • Children should be asked to bring bathers and a towel as well as a dry change of clothes.
  • Buy some pool toys such as novelty inflatable lilos (e.g.shark, turtle, mermaid) that children can ride on. These are available from discount stores or chain stores like Rebel Sport or Clark Rubber. Make sure you have a pump, otherwise you may pass out from inflating them!
  • There are some great pool games available to buy as well such as pool volleyball and pool basketball and again these are available at Rebel Sport.
  • Spray the target – Set up a target at one end of the pool. Children are armed with water guns etc and try to be the closest person to aim their water at the target in the middle. (You can pick up very low-cost ‘water sprayers’ such as a super soaker etc at most discount stores). Of course there is no real ‘winner’ but children love this game because even if they don’t love swimming, they all love getting wet!
  • Make a playlist of party music on an iPod or CD and have it playing in the background – this creates a great party atmosphere.
  • Have a table of water, and bowls of snacks nearby for when children hop out and need refreshments. You will most likely find children come and go into the pool throughout the party.
  • Limbo is a great game to play poolside.

Make It Simple:

If you are having the pool party at home ask a reliable friend who is happy to sit by the pool and supervise at all times which frees you up to refill water jugs and attend to the food etc.


Children generally get very hungry during this party as they are doing a lot of exercise. An afternoon tea ‘banquet’ would be best.

  • Mini Hot Dogs
  • Party pies & sausage rolls
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Fruit kebabs.
  • Icy poles.
  • Crackers & sweet chilli philly.
  • Softdrink/punch/water

The Cake:

A nice cream cake is perfect to have poolside, or try decorating a cake blue adding shark fins and pool toys etc to look like a swimming pool.

 Goodie Bags:

A basic lolly bag is the simplest here, however, you could buy cheap beach bags from a discount store & fill it with ‘Summer’ themed gifts e.g. goggles, pool safety stickers, sample size sunscreen or colored zinc cream, small inflatable pool toys etc. Most of these items are available at discount stores or you could try your local YMCA to see if they have small giveaways or vouchers.

Add Ons:

  • Don’t own a pool and don’t want the fuss? Call your local leisure centre to see what pool party packages they offer. Most range from $20-$25/child which includes a lifesaver as well as pool games and party food.

Ask Jo:

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