My Birthday Party

16 Nov

My birthday party.

I will have a birthday party.
Children will come to my party. They will say “Happy Birthday” to me.
They will bring presents that I can open after we eat cake.
We will play games at my party. I will take turns and let my friends play too.

Some of the children will get prizes if they win a game. I may get a prize. If I do not get a prize, that will be ok.
My friends will have fun. I feel happy watching them have fun at my party.

When my mother tells me, I will sit at the table. Everyone will sit down.

All the children will sing Happy Birthday to me. I will blow out the candles on my cake. Everyone will clap. We will all eat cake and ice cream.
After we have eaten. I will open my presents.

I will tell each child “thank you” after I open their gift.

The presents are mine, but some of the children may want to look at them or play with them. I will let them look at my presents.
When it is time for everyone to go home, I will open the door for them and thank them for coming and for their presents.

I will feel happy because we had such a good time.


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