Happy Birthday!

14 Nov

Welcome and Happy Birthday!

I have started this  blog on the advice of many because apparently I am famous for my parties. Today is my daughter’s 10th Birthday & yesterday was my 30 (something) birthday and we have just finished a weekend of celebrating.

I plan on making this blog a place where time-poor, idea-poor or just cash-poor people can come to get some ideas on how to celebrate their loved ones’ birthday’s. Oh, and for the record I am a little in each of those categories! I want to share all of my tried and tested party ideas with you and hopefully some that are in the making. I also plan on publishing links to good party supplies stores in Melbourne and Australia. By good I mean, not pricey and very reliable.

So, here we go. Tomorrow I will begin with the most recent party – my daughter’s pool/pamper/pizza party. Degree of difficulty – 3 cupcakes! I am going to rate the parties on a scale of 1-5 cupcakes, 1 being simple simon and 5 being not for the faint hearted.

In the meantime, here is a picture of a cupcake eaten by me for morning tea…yummmmmm.


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